Bridge House Independent School

Early help and support

Children and families may need extra support at different times in their lives. Early Help Assessments (EHAs) are simply a way of parents and a professional working together to identify any difficulties a family may be facing and then finding the best possible ways of resolving them. Often this means a family working together with school to identify and access the different types of help or support available to them.

Sometimes, School is not able to provide the expertise or support required, and in this case a family might decide to request the support of a Team Around the Child (TAC). This is a group of people who want the best for the child or young person.  They will work together in an open and honest way with the child and their family, to create a co-ordinated plan of support. A Lead Professional is chosen by the child in their family, to be the main point of contact - this is usually the person who has the best relationship with the child and family.

For more information please speak to: 

  • someone at school
  • a health professional (including your GP)
  • a professional involved with you or your family

or click on the images below to look at some of the websites: