Bridge House Independent School


STEM lessons at Bridge House aim to prepare students for the mathematic, scientific, and technological developments of the modern world. Our children have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the STEM disciplines, through practical experiences and sessions, whilst developing their ability to think creatively, analytically and logically.

STEM will reinforce and re-affirm existing knowledge in key areas of the wider curriculum and give opportunities to explore and develop a greater understanding using a more hands on approach. Our children will be provided with real world and practical applications, whilst developing skills in risk taking and resilience, independent enquiry, working collaboratively and taking responsibility.

Our children work to find solutions for both their local community and international communities, whilst developing an understanding of the world in which they live. Children will work on challenges such as using digital tools and new technologies to combat climate change in their local area to designing and building a hand washing device for a school in Kenya. These projects not only help our children build essential skills for everyday life and future employment but also allow our children to understand the differences within the world and how they can be the change within.

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