Bridge House Independent School


Bridge House Independent School offers all of our students access to an engaging, broad and balanced curriculum, which provides them with an opportunity to develop all of the skills they will require to lead fulfilling and successful adult lives.

By tailoring our curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student, we maintain a clear focus on enabling them to develop their personal skills, as well as providing the support needed to address any significant gaps in previous learning.

Our curriculum also places a clear emphasis on developing pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. We ensure that all students are treated as individuals, promoting thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for difference, moral principles, independence and self-respect. These qualities are reflected in our school ethos and are woven into all aspects of both our curriculum and wider school life. In addition, we integrate the fundamental British Values of democracy- the rule of law; individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs – throughout our learning experiences. We encourage students to make a positive contribution to society in many ways, including involving them in community and charity events throughout the school year.

We ensure that all of our students are able to access a core curriculum, of English, Maths, Science, PHSE and ICT - where appropriate, this incorporates all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. In addition to this core offer, we provide opportunities to add breadth and depth to a student's knowledge, skills and experiences through the delivery of a broad and engaging curriculum, which includes History, Geography, Music, PE, RE and art and design. Classwork is supplemented by a variety of educational visits; we work with other agencies to deliver projects both on and off the school site.

At Key Stage 4, we support students in gaining the academic qualifications they require to move onto their next phase of education though our offer of GCSE, Btec or other accredited qualifications. All students are expected to access qualifications in core subjects, and are also able to select from a range of other academic or vocational qualifications to supplement these. We take into account our students aspirations and aim to access the courses that require in order to reach their goals on offer.