Bridge House Independent School

Curriculum at Bridge House

The belief that a school’s curriculum should reflect the local communities to enhance and enrich learning is shared across all of our settings. Collaboration across our campuses and faculties helps each of our phases to create a bespoke, locally focused curriculum that inspires our pupils with people, places and stories that our children can relate to.

We have built upon the National Curriculum to develop a range of opportunities and immersive experiences,  which provide an ambitious, rich and diverse curriculum to meet the needs of all of our learners.  Our aspiration is for every pupil to develop the know of (knowledge), know how (skills) and dispositions needed to be successful, curious citizens. Through experiencing the curriculum by being Geographers, Scientists, and Musician’s, for example, we not only enable them to move confidently into the next phase of education, but also help them to build foundations for life. 

Through a curriculum that is both engaging and relevant, and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of our pupils, we work with our families and communities to help to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in our society.

Life skills and PHSE is promoted and progressively taught across the whole school, to include ways in which children can keep themselves safe and internet safety and we ensure our schools teach Relationships and Sex Education following government guidelines.

We recognise pupil’s self-awareness, and awareness of other’s, develops as they mature and that this has a significant impact on their ability to relate to and learn about the world we live in. We develop interesting and appropriate enrichment experiences to help pupils to become self-aware individuals, enabling them to learn to make connections and begin to empathise with themes such as tolerance, responsibility and culture around the world.

Our enquiry-led approach to curriculum helps to promote adaptability and encourages our children to make connections across and between subjects. Our aim is to ensure that creativity and challenge are woven through our enquiry questions which are planned to stretch thinking, build active engagement in learning and stimulate curiosity.

We believe that, by encouraging pupils to become more active in their learning, they are able to know and remember more.

We are very proud of our students and all of their many achievements, including their academic outcomes at the end of KS4: In the Summer, 2022, Level 1 passes were achieved in 81.2% of exams, L2 passes were achieved in 31.3% of exams.

We were particularly proud of one student who achieved an average grade 4.2 over 6 qualifications, including strong passes in both English and Maths.