Bridge House Independent School



Management Team
Head Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead Clare Hiom
Deputy Head/School Business Manager Jacky Gray



Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Head Teacher/Designated Teacher for Children In Care/Deputy DSL/SENCO (Primary School)

Holly Barrett

Assistant Head Teacher/Designated Teacher for Children in Care/ Deputy DSL (Upper School)

Lauren Frost

Pastoral Manager

Amy Maskell

Data Manager and Attendance Lead

Natalie Grant


Curriculum Lead

Language and Literacy Lead

Kerri Griffin 

Faculty Lead

James Tait/Lewis Smith/Stacy Smith 

Teaching Staff
Secondary School
Maths Teacher Charles Bedford/James Parker
Science Teacher Nicholas Hughes/Jenny Harris
ICT Teacher James Tait
STEM Teacher Brett Chapman
PE Teacher Steven Green/Nicholas Hughes
Food Technology Teacher Wendy Percival
Humanities Teacher Maxwell Foster
Art and Design Teacher George Roome/Brett Chapman
English Teacher Kelly Myciuk/Kerri Griffin
DT Teacher George Roome
Interventions Teacher Stacy Smith
Music The Rock Bus
Cover Supervisor Debbie Kelsey



Primary School 
Class Teacher Holly Barrett
Class Teacher Zoe Bristow
Class Teacher/Mental Health Lead Sara Kennedy
Class Teacher Chris Lee
Class Teacher  Kim Powell
Class Teacher Christina Rose
Class Teacher Lewis Smith
Class Teacher

Sarah Temperton



Pastoral Team 
Pastoral Manager Amy Maskell
Pastoral Mentor Joseph Butler
Pastoral Mentor Brian Clipsham
Pastoral Mentor (Team Lead) Christina Coffer
Pastoral Mentor Adam Hicks
Pastoral Mentor  Hannah Hodson
Pastoral Mentor (Team Lead) Glenis King
Pastoral Mentor Kia McLarnon 
Pastoral Mentor  Rosie Nicholls
Pastoral Mentor  Heather Palmer
Pastoral Mentor (Team Lead) Kieran Rodgers
Pastoral Mentor Cherise Tarrant 
Pastoral Mentor Debbie Wardle



Learning Support Assistant 
Upper school  Debbie Hitchman
Upper school Courtney Hunt 
Upper school  Darren Pickles
Upper school Lauren Thornalley
Middle school Jack Gavaghan 
Middle school Keith Davis
Middle school Jack Gavaghan
Middle school Rachel Gilley
Middle school Julie Plant
Middle school Natalia Szypulska
Primary school Michala Allen
Primary school Natasha Berg
Primary school Lilly Dixon 
Primary school Sarah Featherstone
Primary school Joe Parla
Primary school Louise Polydore
Primary school Megan Rutty
Primary school Nicole Smith
Primary school Kathryn Weatherley



Support Staff
Family Support Lead Nicky Jones 
School Administrator Mandy Bright 
School Cook in Charge (Middle school) Robert Findlater
School Cook (Upper school) Doreen Stanney
School Cook (Primary school) Vicky Robson
Cleaner (Secondary) Paul Steadman
Cleaner (Primary)  Jennie Sellers