Bridge House Independent School



Management Team
Head Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead Clare Hiom
Deputy Head of School Jacky Gray



Senior Leadership Team
Assistant Head Teacher (Primary school) Holly Barrett
Assistant Head Teacher (Middle school) Lauren Frost
Assistant Head Teacher (Upper school) Steve Barker
SENCO/Designated Teacher for Looked After Children/Designated Safeguarding Lead Teri Brown
Pastoral Manager Amy Maskell


Head of Faculty


Charles Bedford/James Tait/Lewis Smith 

Teaching Staff
Secondary School
Maths Teacher Charles Bedford/Alicia Skinner
Science Teacher Nicholas Hughes
ICT Teacher James Tait
STEM Teacher Brett Chapman
PE Teacher Steven Green
Food Technology Teacher Wendy Percival
Art and Design Teacher George Roome/Brett Chapman
English Teacher Steve Barker/Daniel Thompson
DT Teacher George Roome
Interventions Teacher Stacy Smith



Primary School 
Class Teacher Holly Barrett
Class Teacher Zoe Harding
Class Teacher Sara Kennedy
Class Teacher Christina Rose
Class Teacher Lewis Smith
Class Teacher

Sarah Temperton



Pastoral Team 
Pastoral Manager/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Amy Maskell
Deputy Pastoral Manager/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Tom Dillamore
Behaviour Intervention Specialist Abigail Skinner
Pastoral Mentor (Upper school) Sam Hill
Pastoral Mentor (Upper school) Debbie Kelsey
Pastoral Mentor (Middle school) Elliot Foxlow
Pastoral Mentor (Middle school) Glenis King
Pastoral Mentor (Middle school) Keiran Rodgers 
Pastoral Mentor (Primary school) Marc Hipwell
Pastoral Mentor (Primary school) Teresa Howard
Pastoral Mentor (Primary school) Jordan Mindham-Wright
Pastoral Mentor (Primary school) Troy Randles



Learning Support Assistant 
Upper school  Debbie Hitchman
Upper school Courtney Hunt 
Upper school Chris Lynch 
Upper school  Darren Pickles
Upper school Jenny Thomas
Middle school Keith Davis
Middle school Karan Muress
Middle school Julie Plant
Middle school Lauren Thornalley
Middle school Lisa Welch
Primary school Dillan De La Fontaine
Primary school Rosemary Kenny
Primary school Claire Laing
Primary school Joe Parla
Primary school Louise Polydore
Primary school Kim Powell
Primary school Imogen Winter



Support Staff
Family Support Lead Christina Coffer
School Administrator Stacey Ward
Health and Safety Co-ordinator Elisha Young
School Cook (Upper campus) Doreen Stanney
School Cook (Middle campus) Sharon Hunt
School Cook (Primary campus) Vicky Robson
Cleaner  Paul Steadman
Cleaner  Jennie Sellers