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At Bridge House Independent School, our mathematics
curriculum carefully sequences knowledge, concepts
procedures to build mathematical knowledge and
systematically over time. The mathematics
curriculum provides 
the foundation for understanding
the world, the ability to 
reason mathematically, an
appreciation of the beauty and 
power of mathematics,
and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity a
bout the

Our children have the ability to support, evaluate and
their own and others’ views using detailed,
appropriate and 
accurate mathematical understanding.
Children develop a 
passion for mathematics and an
enthusiastic engagement in 
learning; they will become
avid thinkers and communicate their 
ideas confidently.

We aim for our children to become fluent in the basics
mathematics, through varied and frequent practice
increasingly complex problems over their time at
the school. We 
develop the children’s mathematical
reasoning by following lines 
of enquiry and using
mathematical language. We provide 
learners with
opportunities to solve problems by applying their

mathematical knowledge to break down problems into
a series 
of simpler steps and persevere in seeking


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